We, Anyaa food, aim to bring food with the best nutritional values and a gluten-free, vegan alternative that is inclusive of all food habits. In both ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook forms, we offer a variety of meals made from sustainably farmed plants.

“Just Jack it” is the first brand under our umbrella created specifically for jackfruit-based vegan food products.

Here at Just Jack It, we are enthusiastic about creating naturally flavorful and delectable Jackfruit recipes to inspire not just vegans and vegetarians but also all types of food habitats.

The jackfruit is a fruit with a lot of fibre and great adaptability. The unique texture of jackfruit allows for a wide range of inventive uses. You’ll like the flavour it offers your dish. In addition to having a lot of fibre, jackfruit is also low in calories, fat, and carbs. Because of this, it is the perfect meal to support your eating patterns and overall wellness.

Our Vision :

We see a future where delicious, wholesome food is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Food produced with the purest, most natural ingredients, cultivated by individuals who really aspire to live in a healthy world.

Why Jackfruit?

Nutritional values: Fibre, protein, vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, and fibre are just a few of the essential components found in jackfruit. These nutrients can support good skin, maintain heart health, and aid with weight and blood sugar management.

Sustainable: Jackfruit is a shade crop that may be interplanted with other crops to form a regenerative environment. Jackfruit trees don’t need watering, and there is also no pesticides or herbicides needed.

Diverse usage: Well, you can clearly see the number of products we came up with our SUPERFRUIT, Jackfruit. Along with being a delicious fruit, it is also used for medicinal purposes.

Where does it come from?

Our jackfruits are hand-picked from the trees in Kerala, India’s most southern state and the region that is commonly referred to as “God’s own land.” They are bought from farmers and those whose backyards are covered in jackfruit trees. Additionally, this provides financial support for their families.

We know we have gained your trust by now
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